“Weaving the Blanket 2.0:

Stories of Faith, Sacrifice, Martyrdom and the Emancipation

of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia

A Reboot, Updated and Streamlined version

 I may completely reformat the entire series from the beginning, both YouTube videos and podcast versions to make them more interesting.

 I have three more books to read and incorporate into the series. I am author, fact-checker, narrator, audio editor, special sound effects editor, photo researcher, photo editor, and producer of the English version, and do about a third of that on the Spanish version. 

I believe that I need to reformat and reedit the English version, “Weaving the Blanket”, to make it more interesting and compelling to watch/listen for North Americans. I will have fewer, and shorter episodes which will simply tell those incredible individual stories with a very short introduction which will provide a quick summary of the history you need to know to understand the story. I suspect it won’t be more than 20 or so episodes.  And I will have links to multiple “Bonus Episodes” which will explain the history which swirls around these stories. This could easily be an additional 25- 35 episodes. 

 If you have any ideas on how I can improve the series and get more listeners, please let me know. I won’t be offended by any suggestions you have. Send an email to: tulsadstephenson@yahoo.com – Subject Line: “Weaving”


Thanks for listening, watching and reading!


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