Rev. David Stephendon

David Stephenson, led a church volunteer team to Bolivia for the first time in 1987. That experience transformed his life and, eventually, his complete understanding of the Bible and the Christian Faith. From 1987 through 2014, David went to Bolivia at least once a year, with a few exceptions, and often 2-3 times a year and occasionally pushed the 90-day limit on his Bolivian Visa. From the very first trip, the stories he heard from these living martyrs inspired him, and he put them down on Mini-tape-cassettes, full-sized cassette tape recorders, and video. David has worked through over 1,000 videos, 20 Cassette recordings and 30 mini-cassette recordings to pick out the best, most powerful stories he has heard. Most involve danger, oppression, and even torture. David is currently retired and living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, with his wife Joanie.