Bolivian Pastor’s Endowment Fund

Special Need!!

The Bolivian Pastor’s Endowment Fund provides about 10-15% of the total needs to pay the salaries of pastors. The remainder comes from income produced by the Methodist owned private-schools: the “American Institutes”.

Because Covid-19 is running rampant throughout Bolivia, the Bolivian government has shut down all schools for the entire school year. This means that the American Institutes” will be closed and the Church will get no income.  Without this income, it will be extremely difficult to pay the pastors.

The greatest need for the Evangelical Methodist Church is funding for pastors. Pastors are underpaid and there is a need for many more pastors then what the Church can afford. Individual congregations cannot pay all of the salary for their pastor as the median income of a Bolivian Methodist is under $2/day.

The problem with salaries is that you cannot rely on one-time donations, as the salaries are needed year after year. Consequently, the Bolivia/Oklahoma Methodist Partnership developed the Bolivian Pastor’s Endowment Fund. This Fund is managed by the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation, investing the corpus and sending the income from these investments to Bolivia for pastors salaries through the Advance Special #05912A. It is monitored and audited by GBGM. 100% of your donation gets to Bolivian pastors.

We began raising funds for the Endowment in 1997 and it has grown to over $450,000 and provided over $22,000 in salary support for Bolivian pastors this past year. That is approximately 10% of the cost for EVERY pastor of the IEMB for one year. We would love to eventually get to where the Endowment is paying 25% of the salaries, and increase the retirement and health benefits for pastors, as well as add much needed additional pastors.

If you would like to donate to increase this vital endowment through the United Methodist Advance, CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.