Books by Members of the Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en Bolivia

Journey to Dignity by Eugenio Poma

English – Published in 2006

This is the autobiography of Eugenio Poma who goes from an child as a peon on a Hacienda, becomes the second indigenous person in Bolivia to get a high school diploma, a college degree in the U.S., on an arrest/death list by a dictator, becomes bishop of the IEMB, and then moves to Geneva Switzerland to work as a consultant on Indigenous Peoples for the World Council of Churches. (The Book was written before he became the Bolivian Ambassador to Denmark). Fascinating story.

David Stephenson has the books. Send $20 in cash or check to: David Stephenson, 3602 W. Quantico Pl, Broken Arrow Ok. 74011. notation: “Journey to Dignity”. David will ship the book to you and forward the remaining money to His Excellency, Bishop Eugenio Poma in Bolivia


“Red Poncho and Big Boots: The Life of Murray Dickson”

By Jim Palmer English 1984 224pages

David visited with the pastor/missionary Rev. Jim Palmer in Texas just a few months before he passed. Jim gave David all of the remaining copies he had of this book and we agreed that the proceeds should go to support the Bolivian Pastor’s Endowment Fund.

To recieve a copy make a $25 or greater donation to the Bolivian Pastor’s Endowment Fund and forward a digital copy of the reciept of that donation to   David will send you the book and pay for the shipping.

“Risking Everything”

By Sarah Corson     English 2010  276pp

The amazing story of Ken and Sarah, Chris, Kathy, Tom and Karen Corson who served, not as U.S. missionaries, but as IEMB pastors in Sapecho, Bolivia from 1976-1978. They lived on the same $80 a month salary as the other IEMB pastors.

This does not include the story from 1980 of her confrontation with the private army of the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie which is described in this podcast.

Books can be purchased for a donation at the “Servants In Faith and Technology” website in Alabama,

“My Story”

By Benjo Paredes   English 2019  220pp

An autobiography of a man who is orphaned, becomes a communist, converts to Christianity, organizes his village to feed themselves, becomes an IEMB pastor, and starts his own non-profit to help his hometown. Amazing!

This book can be bought through the SIFAT website at 

“Dr. and Mrs. Fix-It: The Story of Frank and Bessie Beck”

By Natalie Barber   English 1970    93pp

This is an adult Sunday School curriculum for the Bold Believers Series by Friendship Press. It is long out of print. David received his copy as a gift from the U.S. missionary Ruth Ann Robinson because she knew that someday David would write a history of the IEMB. Her/David’s copy is signed by Ms. Barber.

This is a nice, if somewhat idealized, story of the amazing life of a man so committed to do what was needed for the Bolivian people, that he went back to the US to get a medical degree at age 40 because he recognized that Bolivia needed doctors more then they needed preachers. 

Sorry but this material is long long out of print.

Historia De La Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en Bolivia (En el Primer Centenario Aniversario 1906-2006)

By Pacual Mamani Luque     Spanish 2006   168pp

This is an excellent book which has tons of statistics and information about the Annual Conferences and General Assemblies of the IEMB. It is a critical source of much of my statistics on the IEMB.

This book was given to David by pastor Pascual. It may be out of print. Contact the IEMB in La Paz to see if any additoinal copies are available.


Historia de la Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en Bolivia

1906-2006: Una Iglesia Evangelica Inculturada”

Delfin E. Quispe Compilador e Investigador Spanish  2006 472pp

This is perhaps the most comprehensive book on the history of the IEMB. It includes stories on each of the significant institutions of the IEMB, when each church started, and each district. It is filled with facts and data about the IEMB.

David recieved his copy as a gift from a bishop. We believe that there are still copies of this book available at the offices of the IEMB in La Paz.