Season #1:

Stories of: Genocide by the Conquestadors; Evangelism under the threat of death; The most important mine in the history of the world; Bolivia’s critical contribution to the Industrial Revolution; The death of 8 million indigenous forced indentured miners; The Hacienda/Patron/Peon form of slavery; Simon Bolivar; and Early Methodist Missionaries.

S1 E1:“Introduction”

Introduction to the series and introducing Rev. David R. Stephenson, author/publisher/producer of the series

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S1E2: “500 Years of Violent Evangelism”

Tells the story of the Conquest of Bolivia by the Conquistadors and the baptism into Catholicism by thousands of indigenous people a day into a faith they knew nothing about; but who agreed to be baptized to avoid being executed.

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S1E3: “Cerro Rico: The Envy of Kings”

The most important mine in the history of the world: Cerro Rico in Potosi Bolivia-Produced so many silver ‘pieces-of-eight’ that they became the first international currency, which led to an explosion of international trade and a dramatic increase in the standard of living of the entire world!


S1E4: “Cerro Rico: The Mountain that Eats Men”

Tells the story of the estimated 7 million enslaved indingenous who have died mining Cerro Rico since the 16th Century.

S1E5: “The Hacienda/Patron/Peon form of Slavery in Bolivia”

Tells the story of the theft of the farmland by the Spanish which had been farmed for millenia by indigenous families. The land was turned over to “patrons” who basically forced those indigenous families to work the land for the patron for free.

S1E6: “Simon Bolivar and Bolivian Independence from Spain”

Tells the story of Bolivia’s independence from Spain, but how it changes virtually nothing for the indigenous people of Bolivia.

S1E7: “The Early U.S. Methodist Missionaries Part:A”

Tells the story of Francis Harrington and the earliest Methodist missionaries from the U.S.

S1E8: “Early U.S. Methodist Missionaries Part B: Educating Children of Elite, Laying Groundwork for Revolution”

Tells the story of how U.S. Methodist missionaries educated the children of the elite, teaching Christian values which led to the 1952 Revolution and Land Redform Act which began dismantling the Hacienda/Patron/Indentured servitude form of slavery.


S1E9: “James Wemberg: A Missionary who was REMOVED from Bolivia for SUCCESSFULLY evangelizing the indigenous”

Tells the story of the U.S. missionary James Wemberg who, in 1918 successfully evangelized indigenous Bolivians. And as a result, he was sent home and removed from the mission field for doing so.