Season #3: “The Aymara Revolution within the IEMB”

S3 E0 “Introduction to Controversial Season #3”

Introduction to this very controversial season. Explains how and why I am the one writing and speaking about the history of the Aymara Revolution even though I am neither Bolivian, nor speak much Spanish.

S3 E1 “The Historical Context for the Aymara Revolution/Eruption Within the IEMB”

Explains some of the tensions and pressures building up to the Aymara Occupation of the IEMB offices: Increasing Oppression by a rightwing dictator, growing Aymara majority within the IEMB, and the resistance and delays in including indigenous Methodists in leadership positions within the IEMB.

S3 E2 “The Early Life of Pastor Felipe Saucedo”

This episode introduces us to Felipe Saucedo, Born in the altiplano, converts to Methodism, becomes a youth leader, then is one of the group of seven indigenous campesino students to be ordained as a pastor within the IEMB. eyes of one of the first ordained indigenous pastors: Felipe Saucedo. It will be primarily through his eyes that we will observe the Aymara Revolution.

Link to: S3 E2: Online Audio only 38:02

S3 E3 “The Aymara Revolution Part C: Autonomy, Election of Bishop Arias & Growing Frustration by Indigenous Methodists” – Drops 6/3/23 6:00pm

This episode tells of the giant step of the IEMB gaining autonomy from the U.S. dominated United Methodist Church and the election of the first IEMB bishop: Mortimer Arias. But it also shows the continuing domination of the leadership of the IEMB by foreign missionaries and the urban criollo and Mestizo Methodists, and the indigenous Methodists being left out.

Link to: S3 E2: Online Audio only (38:02)

S3 E4 “The Aymara Revolution Part C: “The Manifesto to the Nation” – “The Bolivian Thesis of Evangelism” and growing Tensions within the IEMB – Drops June 10, 2023

Tells of the writing and publishing of the “Manifesto to the Nation” and the “Bolivian Thesis of Evangelism” which establish a theological basis for its coming battles with rightwing dictatorships. And we hear the low rumble of thunder within the IEMB as indigenous Methodists grow increasingly frustrated with the continuing domination of the leadership of the IEMB by foreign missionaries and the urban criollo and Mestizo Methodists.

Link to: S3 E4: Online Audio only (35:27)

S3 E5 “The Aymara Revolution Part E: “The Aymara Eruption within the IEMB and Rejection of Bishop Arias” – Drops June 17, 2023 6:00pm

Tells of the building frustrations within the Aymara Methodists, lay and clergy, which leads to the Aymara Eruption and “Occupation” of the IEMB offices, forcing all the staff, including the bishop to go and leave the office to them. It also tells of their phone call to Bishop Arias telling him to not come back into the office, they don’t want him as bishop anymore. A powerful, controversial and critical moment in IEMB history; and perhaps in Bolivian history.

Link to: S3 E5: Online Audio only (40:57)

S3 E6 “The Repercussions of the Aymara Eruption within the IEMB – Time of Transion – Election of an Aymara Bishop” – Drops July 1, 2023 6:00pm CST

Tells of the repercussions of the Aymara Eruption, U.S. and South American missionaries leaving, GBGM cutting off funds, the “Time of Transition” and the election of the first Aymara bishop of the IEMB- Zacharias Mamani.

Link to: S3 E5: Online Audio only (37:09)