Season #5: “Docudrama of July 17, 1980: Death Lists, Executions, Arrests and Tortures of the IEMB”

Arrests, Tortures, Executions by a Rightwing Military Dictator. Stories of incredible faith, courage, and the willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice for God by members of the IEMB

S5 E1: “Prelude to Terror and Martyrdom in the IEMB”

The chaotic events leading up to July 16, 1980: German Crespo is chosen to be the ‘Coordinator’ of the Committee on Permanent Democracy. The Corsons split up, with Tom and one child is in Haiti, and Sarah and two children are in Sapecho working with Benjo. And Eugenio is in La Paz.  

S5 E2: “July 17, 1980”

The paramilitary attacks, murders 3, and arrests all others at the meeting of the Committee on Permanent Democracy. Crespo is arrested and tortured, but saved by his calculator.  

S5 E3: “July 17, 1980 Part B:”

Eugenio escapes – German continues to be tortured – Nuns imprisoned and beaten – Benjamin Paredes (Benjo)   

S5 E4: “Day 3: July 19 – The Midnight Attack on the Corsons home in Sapecho”

30 soldiers from a private army run by a Nazi war criminal in Bolivia attacks the Corson’s old home and the team that is there with orders to kill: “All Americans and all Methodists. And Sarah Corson faces them down.  

S5 E5: “Day 3 – 4: July 19-20 – “Tominoko Internment Camp – Eugenio reaches Ancoraimes – Sapecho Worship of Forgiveness”

Then 15-year-old Tom Corson describes his time in the Tominoko Internment Camp and his release – Eugenio Poma reaches Ancoraimes – And the amazing worship service of forgiveness at Sapecho with the Leiutenant who lead the attack the night before.  

S5 E6: “Eugenio Stays & hides in La Paz – Benjo & German and the Amazing Communio Serivce of Forgiveness”

  Eugenio Poma turns down opportunity to escape to Peru, ‘My Place is With My People”. Decides to go to La Paz and hide among the crowds. Benjo’s prisoner plane lands in La Paz and he joins German in the same cell. Tortures continue. And then the AMAZING story of a Communion Service of Forgiveness held within the prison.

S5 E7: “Day 3 – 4: July 19-20 – “The Scramble to Get Everyone Out of Prison”

After being told that all arrested Methodists had been executed, funerals begin across Bolivia without any bodies, including for Benjo and German Crespo. But then the IEMB discovers they are alive, and the church scrambles to get everyone out of prison.